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The Daniel Essay Prize is open to any first year students whose essay is nominated by a faculty member. Faculty members may nominate one essay from each course open to first year students. Contest rules and directions for submission are available at this link.

Assessment: (Description of Letter Grades) This document by an unknown laborer in the classrooms describes the range of essay quality from A to F.

The danger in marking every error (beyond the time consumed) is the implicit suggestion that error free writing is good writing when, of course, a stupid essay with all the errors corrected remains a stupid essay. What to do then? Mosher (below) suggests marking one paragraph carefully and urging the writer to give the rest of the piece similar treatment.

Responding to student papers An essay by Jessica Mosher argues for a specific and supportive tone in writing responses on student essays. Mosher lists responses to avoid and gives examples of productive advice to give. One can't imagine many professors following her advice to begin summary remarks with a summary of the paper, and one can imagine many will violate her stricture against sarcasm and humor. Still, there is much good advice here.

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Alverno College Criteria for Effective Writing

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